Sunday, January 15, 2017

Who Are You Without Your Past?

That day, when the sun shine brightly. I met someone and had a conversation with him.
"You're type of woman who always see the past, then set future goals later", he said.
"Wow", I glanced at his brown eyes.
"If you want to be by my side, you should know what will happen with us in the future without looking back", he explained without hesitation.
That's fairly deep conversation I think. For someone who first met. And talked for thirty-minutes. He was pretty quick to judge me.

The 'conversation' is quite relaxing indeed. Honest. Straight to the point. And makes me wonder.

Who are you without your past?

You learn many things from looking back don't you? Not always your past. But also people around you. Mother, sister, uncle, aunty, neighbor, co-worker, a close friend, someone who accidentally met on your way. Their past indirectly establish yourself now.

Who are you without your past?
You learn how to struggle and face this fucking world. You realize that not everyone likes you as a person. Nor they would feel happy if you're happy too. You learn how to ignore them. Because you know what's better for your life. You learn how to talk to others as much as you can, and choose the one that suits to your view of life.

Who are you without your past?
You learn how to appreciate your life and people's life. Life that you may have never imagined. You know exactly, maybe out there many people want to be on your shoes. And you as a human being, will always compare with other people's life. Then you learn how to stop it. And just do many good things to remember.

Who are you without your past?
You learn how to work hard. And play hard at the same times. You understand that convenience always comes with difficulties. You learn to choose when you have to work until the end of the night, or go home earlier to replace the lost time. You remember, all that you have now is because you are eager and strive to achieve it.

Who are you without your past?
You learn how to love someone properly and unconditionally. You know sometimes relationship getting sucks. And not always as beautiful as you expect. You learn how to handle it. You learn that there are times when you have to hold her tight or let her free. Moreover, you learn how to laugh your follies of your past.

You learn being good. You learn being a better human. You learn being a best man, father, child, friend, boyfriend, husband, from all mistakes that you've ever done in the past. 

Without your past, you are maybe someone else today. Someone that i don't know. Someone that i don't remember. Someone that i call: stranger.

By looking at the past, it doesn't mean you always be there.

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