Friday, April 11, 2008

all i hear is raindrops

Have u ever missed someone?

i remember when the rain falls d0wn..we sit in the c0rner of the building..waiting till the rain st0p..singing together..make j0kes till we laugh loudly..trying to make c0nversati0ns in order to keep warm our heart..

There's so many h0urs we spent together..Many days we build with love..Many nights wasting with waiting..Many m0nths make us crying..Many years past away with surviving..But in a sec0nd,everything can be so blurry..

No regrets at all..Maybe he's n0t the one..Maybe he's n0t created for me..Maybe this way n0t the best f0r us..But we kn0w one thing,this is must be the way that we need..

And n0w, all i hear is raindr0ps..Falling fr0m the r0oftop..And tell me why he'd have to go..Coz t0day..I'm officially missing him..

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